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 Trade Notice No.23/2003 S Tax                                                                                      Dated : 30-10-2003.


            Sub: Service Tax –Avoid  hardship to Service Tax assessee on account of  25th of the month being a 

                    public  holiday.


            Board 's Service Tax Circular No.63/12/2003-ST dtd 14-10-03   is communicated herewith for information, guidance and necessary action.

            The contents of this Trade Notice may be brought to the knowledge of all constituent members of the Trade Associations and Chamber of Commerce.

                        (Issued from the File C.No.IV/16/901/2003 S.Tax)




                                                                                                    (D.P. NAIDU)

                                                                                       JOINT COMMISSIONER (T).



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 Copy of the Board’s Circular No.63/12/2003-ST dtd 14-10-03

I am directed to say that doubts have arisen with regard to the last date of payment of Service Tax and for filing the Service Tax return in case the 25th of the month in which the Service Tax is to be paid or return filed happens to be public holiday.

2. As per the Rules 6 and 7 of the Service Tax Rules, 1994, Service Tax received by the service provider is to be deposited with the Central Government by 25th of the month immediately following the month in which it is received. In case of individual or proprietary or partnership firm the Service Tax received during any quarter shall be deposited with Central Government by 25th of the month immediately following the said quarter.

3. Adequate precautions should be taken by the service providers to deposit the tax in time. In case of genuine hardship on account of public holiday on 25th of the month in which a service provider has to pay the service tax or file the returns, he may pay the service tax in Government account on next working day immediately following the holiday. Same thing applies with regard to the filing of return.